Trainers' Forum ConferenceHelp realize the future of learning, today!

Hello and welcome to the Trainers’ Forum (TsF) Conference 2024 application page!

We are thrilled to announce that the TsF Conference will happen again in 2024.

SAVE THE DATE, arrange travel while still cheap, and join us on this amazing journey!

⌛️ WHEN? 17th to 20th of October  2024

📍 WHERE? Barcelona, Spain

WHAT? Your chance to level up and connect with other educators!

💸 COST? 170 – 200 € (more details below)

Please read the information below carefully before submitting your form!
We’ve made some significant changes to the process this year, so check it out regardless if this is your first encounter with TsF or if you’ve already attended one or more previous editions.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at conference[at]!

Hugs from Greece, Spain and Germany,
Your TsF Conference Conductors | Lyda, Toni and Lucas 

Let’s start with who we are. Trainers Forum (in short TsF) is an interdisciplinary and international community of educators, trainers, facilitators, HR specialists and most of all passionate learners.

  • Our shared purpose is to contribute to the sustainability and thriving of society by realizing the future of learning.
  • We envision that one day, relevant knowledge will be within everyone’s reach, co-created by a community stewarding the art, craft, and science of learning.
  • And finally, we intend to help accelerate this process through our mission of fostering the evolution of an educational ecosystem, bridging learners and learning providers, promoting learning literacy, and generating learning opportunities.

And this is exactly what our Conference is about! Invest in your development and networking, by immersing yourself in a learning experience hosted by an international community of educators. Gain practical insights about challenges you are facing or anticipating, and challenge established points of view to expand your horizons, all while making a positive impact on your local and international communities by disseminating insights when you return.

The TsF Conference is an international professional event, dedicated to empowering educators and providing impactful learning experiences!

It aspires to bring together educators and learning enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices. It’s a co-created event where all participants actively contribute to shaping the program.

If you’re involved with learning, education, training, facilitation, hosting, or working with people in any way (or would like to get involved), this is the event for you! It’s a space to “talk shop” with practitioners, try out novel and experimental approaches, refresh your overview of the current state of the art, craft, and science of education, and connect with partners for future collaboration projects and ventures.

Participation agreement

In case you are selected and decide to join the Conference, you will be required to read, and sign a participation agreement, outlining the conditions and requirements intended to safeguard and support the well-being and inclusivity of all participants during the conference. You can already view the Participation agreement of this years’ conference here.

One of the best aspects of the event is that while the framework and structure of the event is set in advance, the actual content of the program (sessions and other learning experiences) is something open for everyone participating to contribute to!

We take care of the opening, closing, meals, coffee breaks, and social programs, while the participating group as a whole fills up the schedule based on insights from a pre-event needs analysis (with support from our side, so we get there in time).

Quality assurance

This year’s edition has one significant change to improve session quality and event flow. Inspired by widespread preparation processes for scientific conferences, the process will start with session submission and follow up with selection of participants and conducting a needs analysis with everyone involved. Therefore, we will have sufficient time to provide quality feedback and help enrich and ensure the quality of sessions throughout the event.

Important disclaimer: Even if you consider yourself a beginning or less experienced trainer – DON’T WORY! 🙂 Experienced educators will help you throughout the process and guide you to create your session! (Still worried? Just hit us up at , a short mail is enough and we will reach out to you. 😊)


For the first time ever, it is hosted by a TsF Hub – WOAH Barcelona! We found a nice and cosy location just a few minutes outside of Barcelona. Transportation will be organized and you’ll be guided to the location. The exact location will be kept secret to build up some suspense. 😉

Meals and pets

We will naturally do our best to accommodate your food preferences & allergies, and organise a convenient way to get to / from the venue. No pets are allowed, as we want to be mindful about people with unfortunate allergies to some of our (furry) friends.

The participation fee, which is a requirement for anyone wishing to attend to secure and reserve their place, includes:

  • Accommodation for 3 nights (17th to 20th of October);
  • 3 warm meals per full conference day
    (dinner on arrival day, breakfast and lunch on departure day);
  • Transportation to and from the venue from Barcelona
    (exact times and locations will be shared after your place is reserved |
    note that
    no travel expense compensation currently planned);
  • Full access to the conference program;
  • Provision of basic training materials,

When calculating the fee amount, we are staying true to our values of accessibility and inclusion, and commit to covering costs associated with the Conference, with any surplus funds allocated to cover TsF operational expenses – no personal benefit will be drawn from the conference fees.

The fee is structured in three categories, based on a first come, first serve basis:

  1. Early bird: 170 EUR (~30 spaces)
  2. Regular bird: 185 EUR (~30 spaces)
  3. Late bird: 200 EUR (~10/20 spaces)

The first call (which is currently open), is exclusively for educators who intend to prepare and deliver a session, which in return provides the opportunity to grab the cheapest ticket. We will ask you to pay the fee after the selection results are announced.

Congratulations for making it this far!

The first round of applications for the Conference are open! Please submit your application through the form below.

If you’re feeling generous and / or know other (aspiring, intermediate or professional) educators, please share the link to this page to friends and colleagues that you think would enjoy and benefit from the experience!

You can do so by sharing some of our posts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, or pointing them straight to our (soon to be) FB event or LinkedIn event. Soon, we’ll have a PDF invitation you can pass on via mailing lists or personal messages as well.

Finally, feel free to reach us directly at conference[at] with any questions that might still be remaining!