Easy & Proven Ways to Finally Make Your Habits Stick 15.04 17:30


Did you know that at least 50% of what we do are habits? They are the accumulative building blocks that pave the way towards your future life. Habits can be so small and always present that we sometimes don’t notice them. But their power is enormous. You may look at successful people (regardless of whether you think of success in their job, relationships, health, life satisfaction) and if you analyse how they got there, habits played a key role. 

When making a change it can seem like something huge, but with the right tools, it becomes easy.

We’ll dive into the science of habits, help you set up your own habits effectively, and you’ll end having a plan to take action towards your goals.

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After the session participants will:

  1. Learn about how habits are formed and how can they be modified;
  2. Create a plan to achieve one of their goals by setting up effective habits;
  3. Identify obstacles, opportunities, milestones, and strategies around creating habits that stick.

Target audience:

  • For anyone, for general public

Trainer: Jorge Miguel Vielva and Oskar Woehr

Oskar considers himself a minimalist and biohacker, adapting and modifying every aspect of his life to live more effectively.

Jorge dreams of a better education system. Meanwhile, in the short term, he tries to take steps in this direction. 1% better each time means a big change in the long term.

Length: 2h

Track: Life balance