Evidence Based Fun 19.04 12:30


Science is proving that fun – exploited through many different ways – can be a powerful mean for education. Bring fun to your learning&facilitation experiences in a scientific way. Make your trainees activity more pleasant, make your job more effective. Let’s have fun!

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After the session participants will:

  1. Raising awareness on the role of fun in the educational experiences;
  2. Proposing a toolbox of fun elements, methodologies, tricks & props;
  3. Providing a map for trainers&facilitators to navigate through such tools;
  4. Supporting the introduction of the “fun” element into one’s learning design activity.

Target audience:

  • For trainers, teachers and educators, willing to develop their toolbox;
  • For anyone who is willing to bring good fun and impact in any process.

Trainer: Paolo Ghisleni

Paolo is a lazy educator, and this makes his sessions the most pleasant ones. Easy to get bored, hard to give up on fun.

Length: 2,5h

Track: Training & Facilitation

Tools, methodologies and props for enhancing the learning and facilitating experience through fun.