Hold your horses! – Tales of Vulnerability 19.04 09:00


Every good tale starts with this shiny person; standing on the horse up straight, in full control, looking invincible, almost untouchable, perfect. 

But what if being up there takes away half the view, what if holding on to our horse is lonely and draining? And even more, what if by sitting up there no one is really able to see who we are?  

Could it be that the only way to a full life is to get down to our feet, let our horse go and start the journey as we are – vulnerable, imperfect, stumbling and falling, but always walking our own way?

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After the session participants will:

  1. Explore what vulnerability means in their life;
  2. Practice on bringing their true self in different contexts;
  3. Get to know the concept and examples of vulnerability;

Target audience:

  • For friends, wanting to spend a quality time together
  • For trainers, teachers and educators, willing to develop their toolbox
  • For NGO workers, willing to have a greater impact
  • For caring relatives, searching for a way to build stronger relations
  • For anyone/ for general public

Trainers: Sotiria Athanasiadou & Oskar Woehr

Sotiria is person full of energy and calmness at the same time. Talking with passion and listening in awe, eager to challenge the participants, to discover their thoughts and stories. Oskar considers himself a minimalist and biohacker, adapting and modifying every aspect of his life to live more effectively.

Length: 2,5h

Track: Self-leadership: 

The session will allow participants to explore their own tales – how do they nurture their inner self, allow it to show up and shine, and how do they bring that into their relationships to other people?