Leader Coach tools for success 19.04 12:30


In this session you will understand how your emotions lead your decisions, and how to set strong foundations to build the project you want for your life. In a learning by doing workshop you will learn Coaching tools to identify your common emotional patterns, and how to take control of them to become the master of your life.

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After the session participants will:

  1. Discover why self-leadership is the foundation to achieve any goal in your life.
  2. Understand the emotional barriers that are a pattern behind their failures.
  3. Learn Leadership Coach Tools to manage your emotional self-management.

Target audience:

  • For managers, willing to support their teams better, 
  • For HR Managers, searching for new development opportunities for their staff, 
  • For freelancers and entrepreneurs, willing to get their businesses in an amazing shape, 
  • For students, willing to enter the job market in style, 
  • For trainers, teachers and educators, willing to develop their toolbox,
  • For NGO workers, willing to have a greater impact, 
  • For caring relatives, searching for a way to build stronger relations, 
  • For anyone/ for general public

Trainer: María del Carmen Galán

Maricarmen is an educator by vocation. Highly motivated to help others from her own experience of personal and professional transformation, and with the desire to contribute in this way to change society, she is convinced that we all have the potential to live a full life, and that the key to do so is to learn first to lead ourselves, to achieve then our personal success.

Length: 2,5h

Track: Self-leadership