Live Yoga Session: Movement for productivity 18.04 16:00 CEST


Are you finding the long days at home in front of your laptop tiring? Did you know that your brain needs a lot of oxygen in order to function properly and to learn? Movement is the easiest way to ensure sufficient oxygen supplies boosting your productivity – and to simply feel good and full of energy. This session will provide an easy yoga-based movement flow – perfect for everyone who would like to incorporate more moving into their (home office) days. There is no prior yoga (or sport in general) knowledge / training required. For this session you should bring your yoga mat or a regular floor, a pillow & blanket and the most comfortable clothes you own.

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  • For anyone/ for general public

Trainer: Mara Milena Suter, Switzerland

A Design Thinking coach that uses a lot of movement in her sessions to spark energy and creativity. She has recently graduated a 200h yoga teacher training in Indonesia and looking forward to share her insights with you!

Length: 1h

Track: Life-Balance