Mindfulness and Conscious Negotiation 15.04 14:00


This workshop focuses on mindfulness as a way to capitalise on psychological aspects and cooperative instincts that lead to conscious, successful negotiations, forming quality relationships along the way. There are barriers in our minds that need to be lifted before we can magnetise the best outcomes. A mindful approach allows us to empower ourselves by: using language carefully, paying attention to emotions, meditating and getting into ‘state’, reading the energy in the air, and so on. The new economic paradigm is relationship-centric and so is the way we experience reality. This topic is all the more relevant given the global shift we are currently experiencing. Are you in?

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After the session participants will:

  1. Have fine-tuned their intuitive abilities on the choice of words and actions
  2. Have increased their awareness of how language, emotions and energy intertwine 
  3. Have received an energy boost to fuel their projects

Target audience:

  • For managers, willing to support their teams better, 
  • For HR Managers, searching for new development opportunities for their staff, 
  • For freelancers and entrepreneurs, willing to get their businesses in an amazing shape, 
  • For students, willing to enter the job market in style, 
  • For friends, wanting to spend a quality time together, 
  • For trainers, teachers and educators, willing to develop their toolbox,
  •  For NGO workers, willing to have a greater impact, 
  • For caring relatives, searching for a way to build stronger relations, 
  • For anyone/ for general public

Trainer: Nuno Branco

Nuno is a multilingual facilitator who loves to bring out the best both in individuals and in collectives through meaningful conversations and partnerships. Originally trained as an anthropologist, his passion for the human psyche and its potential has led him to explore creativity and communication in personal and organisational settings.

His experience ranges from social governance (working with various populations) to communications coaching and training in corporate environments.

His clients have come from all sectors across business and industry, including many in the media and communication world.

Length: 2,5h

Track: Navigating the professional world