Physical + Mental training = Resilience boost. Simple hands on session oriented to solutions 17.04 17:30


“Strong Soul needs as Strong body and only a strong body can carry a strong soul” – Master Co.

There is no secret that our mental state is directly connected with our physical health. Though there is a lot of information though little hands on solutions.

Everything you will learn, all information I will share with you during this session is gathered through personal experience. I don’t know who you are (though I totally believe you being amazing!), though I am one who usually prefers simple and clear action based solutions. All geeky things can come later.. for me.

I think I’m not alone here and this is why I am bringing this session – hands on, simple, possibly transformational…

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After the session participants will:

  1. understand the importance in connection between mental and physical health;  
  2. have and awareness about own state of being through goals development; 
  3. gather basic information about physical and mental needs; 
  4. together with other participants and trainer create clear action plan applicable for the first weeks after the session;
  5. receive opportunities for the future support if wanted.

Target audience:

  • For anyone/ for general public

Trainer: Milda Latakaite

Coach, Trainer, Graphic facilitator, learning designer. Some part of her time she is youth mentor too. You can meet her around all the world delivering various courses in a collaboration with Points of You, Zero Generation, Trainers Forum, other partners or simply raving with Tony Robbins Crew, supporting ones willing to discover true potential within. She is hopeless believer in human positive power and all of us having often well hidden superpowers. 

There are many things that can be expected from provided experiences by her. Though it is most important to keep in mind that she is tough, bold though kind and loving at the same time.

A big part of my life was a constant battle between who I am and whom I wanted to be. It took way too many years in order to come where I am. It took me few times to gain 30+ kg and lose it, it took me few burn outs to realize as as we Lithuanians say “where the roots are”. My journey was really long towards real self, towards mental and physical health. This is why I am here and now doing all in order to help others to travel faster. 

Length: 2,5h

Track: Life balance