Reinventing yourself – the art of creating a 2nd professional life 15.04 17:30


During this panel discussion we will discover stories of career transformation of different guests that made a change in different parts of their lives. Join us to find inspiration and courage for your personal change.

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Anna Adoue, Mexico

The path of earning money with my passion hasn’t been smooth or easy! Originally I am a Chemical Engineer who decided to create a youth development NGO, drop out the engineering world to become a trainer, passionate about educational development and management, facilitating all kinds of sessions.

Ignacio Cerro, Spain

Seasoned finance professional with a track record of 25+ years of extensive experience in multinational environments and different sectors. Senior positions held serving as CFO and Finance. Director in big corporations (Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Johnson Controls, LM Wind Power, GE). Recently he has spent 2 years in Brazil as FD to turnaround the affiliate with a special focus on cash generation. He is interested in different áreas on top of big multinationals, eg. startups, strategic consulting, coaching, business introducer, and advisor
Michal Kasprzyk, Poland
Former civil engineering student, who’s made a decision to drop studies after dedicating 4 years to it in order to pursue the career that was more appealing to him – supporting people that have something important to say in making an impact. Since then he has established a speaker agency, public speaking training company, and podcast production studio that altogether let him work with his voice.