Should you have a podcast and how to do a good one? 16.04 17:30 CEST


Everybody has a podcast now. But should it be like that? Is this the right medium for you? And if yes then what should you do to make it a good one? All of these questions will be answered during this webinar. We also will take a… listen to some good examples and good practices.

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After the session participants will:

  1. Know whether they should have a podcast and if it’s the right medium for them.
    2. Find out how to make a podcast better even before starting to record.
    3. Know examples of great podcasts that they should get inspiration from.

Target audience:

  • For HR Managers, searching for new development opportunities for their staff,
  • For freelancers and entrepreneurs, willing to get their businesses in amazing shape,
  • For trainers, teachers, and educators, willing to develop their toolbox,
  • For NGO workers, willing to have a greater impact,
  • For Marketers looking for new marketing channels

Trainer: Michal Kasprzyk

Public speaking turned his life upside down and thanks to it now he has a goal in life, work and a wife. He wants to tell stories that have value for people and to help others tell such stories. The newest medium he’s excited about and which lets him achieve it are podcasts.
In front of an audience, he’s in his element, so he helps people (who want to pass on their knowledge and inspire) make better speeches. He’s a speaker inspired by TED. TEDxWroclaw organizer. Podcaster at “Do Początku”. Founder of Spice Speakers Bureau which helps in contacting great speakers. He’s also a part of the project of the first-ever analog space base in Europe with Space Is More team.

Length: 1,5h

Track: Navigating the professional world