Workplace values – Key to Employees’ Motivation 18.04 09:00


Are you a new generation leader that leads through example, collaboration, communication, and maximization of the potential of each and every team member?

If yes, then this short, but experience-packed session is for you!

By the end of it, you will enrich your toolkit with a few practical, coaching based, tools and concrete actions that should help you to get to know your team even more, and maximize their motivation, satisfaction and performance.

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After the session participants will:

  1. Understand the impact of personal workplace related values on career peeks, drawbacks and decision making. 
  2. Get the experiential insight and map their own core professional drivers
  3. Define practical actions to align organizational values with individual values of the team members and team values, to make sure to have optimal motivation, satisfaction and performance from the employees.

Target audience:

  • For managers, willing to support their teams better

Trainer: Marija Randjic

Marija is a passionate educator, whose mission is to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Her educational background and experience as a psychologist, a trainer and a professional coach are a logical choice that supported her to do so.

As a trainer, she had a chance to provide learning experience to members of NGO’s, leaders, individual contributors from international corporate environments and trainers, in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

She always makes sure to apply principles of adult learning and incorporate interactive, innovative, experiential activities that trigger creativity, insight and attainment of practical knowledge of participants.

Length: 2,5h

Track: Self-leadership