tsfc-2020-headerTrainers' Forum Conferencecanceled in 2020 due to Covid-19

Location: Ukmergė, Lithuania

# Dates: 7-10th of May, 2020
# Fee: 75 € (early bird applications before the 23rd of February) or 85 € (late bird applications by the 8th of March) includes accommodation for 3 nights & 3 meals per full day
# Application form: http://bit.ly/TsFConference2020Apply

Are you concerned about today’s educational system? Worried it‘s not keeping up with the pace of change the world is undergoing? Want to play your part in transforming education as we know it? Do you feel called to help liberate education from the confines of schools into something that‘s available for everyone across all ages? Trainers‘ Forum Conference (TsF Conference) is back and this year we‘re diving deep into the topic of „Bridging Formal and Non-formal Education“.

TsF Conference aspires to be the biggest non-profit event for educators in Europe. And this time, it’s coming to Lithuania!

Participants of the conference come from various backgrounds, from student-run NGOs to established companies – forming a vibrant community of volunteer and professional educators. They are diverse in their fields of expertise too, bringing together a rich knowledge source that would be hard to create in any other way.

The idea is simple: show up with your best self, network and collaborate, learn and explore, exchange and create knowledge, all in a space co-created and facilitated by everyone involved, to lead your own (learning) adventure.

This year is a little different: while the content of the event is still open for participants to shape, we‘re inviting all of us to focus on a single theme – „Bridging Formal and Non-formal Education“. Dare to think big and broad – expand definitions, bring new perspectives, challenge the status quo, or defend parts of it you find important!

If you want to…

…expand your toolkit with new methods and principles,

…challenge yourself by offering a session and receiving high-quality feedback,

…connect with passionate educators from Europe and beyond,

…design and kick-off (international and/or interdisciplinary) projects,

…join an existing initiative in the TsF community (or launch a new one),

…play your part in improving the educational system of tomorrow,

TsF Conference is the perfect opportunity to do so!

If you‘re a teacher, trainer, facilitator, HR professional, manager, or anyone else interested in supporting groups and individuals along their developmental path, this is an event for you 😉 All levels of experience are welcome to apply for the event –bringing a fresh perspective and asking fundamental questions is as important as sharing cutting edge methodologies or nuggets of wisdom gathered through years of experience.

TsF Conference is a co-created event where every participant is offered an opportunity to deliver or facilitate a session. We are all here to share our knowledge, experience and learn with each other! If you still think you do not have enough experience to deliver a training for other educators, you are invited to facilitate a discussion group, or team up with other participants to create and deliver a session together. This way, a great variety of topics to choose from is produced, and we are certain you will find a path through the event that fits your interests and needs. Finally, there will be plenty of time for casual social activities and facilitated networking.

To provide a framework that can hold the creative chaos of our collective wisdom, we have designed a flow for the event with space for up to 12 sessions. Some of them will be in parallel, so you can craft your own learning experience in line with your goals. The exact session topics and descriptions will be available after the selection of participants.

Outline 2020

The event is composed from the following building blocks:

Traditional session: A time and space to offer a session you’re already experienced with, to share the knowledge you think is most important to share.

Session lab: A place to experiment with new ideas, test out cutting-edge session designs, and get valuable feedback, all while supported by a safety net of participants willing to go along for the ride.

Open Space Technology (OST): A playful space dedicated to exploring any topics, questions, projects or ideas you find meaningful, facilitated according to the OST method.

World cafe: As we all know that the first step is half the journey, we will be holding a space for those of you with tangible project ideas to tap into the collective intelligence of the group, start clarifying their vision and sparking collaborations with each other. Right here, right now. Not when you come home.

Closing workshop: As everything comes to an end (before starting anew), this final time slot is devoted to bring together everything that happened during the last few days and tie up any loose ends before preparing to land back home.

Social Time: A much needed time to cool off our minds, have fun, explore the potential bubbling in the group, and enjoy random conversations, that just might plant the seed of the next big thing.

Locals call it the city with two airports – Ukmerge (dates back to 1225).

Located between Kaunas & Vilnius, two biggest cities of Lithuania there is not more than 1,5h drive to both airports:

Kaunas Airport (KUN) & Vilnius Airport (VNO)

location TsFC 2020

Our day activities will take place in the Tolerance Center that dates back to 1898 when it was built as a primary school, that consists of one main hall, a kitchen and 4 training rooms for parallel session (pictures below). It takes 5 minutes by foot to get to the accommodation and catering places.

You will be staying at the modern and posh hotel in the center of the city of Ukmergė – The Big Stone. The hotel has 33 cozy and modern rooms (1-2 beds per each), most of them reserved for TsF participants.

As our brains will undoubtedly consume a lot of energy, and we want to stay productive, energetic and concentrated during the event, you will enjoy 3 meals per day, along with the essential coffee breaks. Breakfast will be served at the hotel; lunch and dinner – Piliakalnio baras („Pub of mound“).

Simply because we care for our world.

We (and our in-house sustainability consultant) have invested a lot of thought to close as many loops and make the event as sustainable as possible on many levels. You will hear more about it in the months before the event, and you’re welcome to share any suggestions you might have

Sustainibility 2020

Due to the limited capacity of the hotel, we can accept 67 participants into the full experience of the conference. If you are adventurous though, and can arrange your own accommodation, we can find a way to squeeze you in 😉

The applications will be open until the 8th of March, with the early bird fee available to participants, who submitted their applications by the end of the 23rd of February.

If there will be more applicants than available places, we will hold a selection process in line with the criteria outlined below, and confirm your participation at the event (or inform you about being placed on the waiting list) within a week of the applications closing (by the 15th of March). You will have one week to confirm your participation – in case of no response or cancellation, your place will be offered to the people on the waiting list.

Criteria in order of importance:
1. Perceived strength of motivation to participate (30%)

2. Perceived value of contributions – sessions, volunteering, interest in TsF initiatives… (30%)

3. Diversity factor – training experience, gender, NGO background… relative to other participants (20%)

4. Current engagement with existing TsF initiatives (TsF Partner status) (20 %)

In case of a draw between one or more applicants, priority goes to the one who submitted their application the earliest.