Trainers' Forum ConferenceHelp realize the future of learning, today!
Trainers' Forum ConferenceHelp steward the art, craft, and science of learning!

Where it all started…

Trainers’ Forum started as an event, sparked by student and youth trainers from different European NGOs coming together to hone their craft and support each others’ training systems.

Now, we’re aspiring to host one of Europe’s major forums where educators, trainers, hosts, and facilitators can deeply engage with each other and their craft in a playful way.


The core idea is simple…

Gather a group of curious educators, trainers, facilitators and learners with diverse backgrounds, levels of experience and organisational affiliations, to generate a collaborative learning experience, inviting everyone to shape the event together by contributing their knowledge and perspective through tailor-made sessions.

This year, we are gathering in Barcelona, Spain.


Past Editions

The TsF Conference has unfolded in 9 editions so far, across 8 different European cities:

2010 – Budapest, Hungary

2011 – Vienna, Austria

2012 – Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015 – Milan, Italy

2017 – Wroclaw, Poland

2018 – Pitesti, Romania

2019 – Pitesti, Romania

2021 – Online Training Festival

2022 – Athens, Greece

2023 – Vilnius, Lithuania

2024 – Barcelona, Spain