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The Learning Experience Podcast
The Learning Experience Podcast by Trainers' Forum

Trainers’ Forum, our global community of trainers and facilitators, brings you an awesome podcast, The Learning Experience!
The host, Oskar Woehr, talks to experts on adult education about experiential learning, how to improve one’s training techniques, and about going deeper during one’s workshops and sessions.
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Here’s the latest episode!

What’s the podcast all about?


In a nutshell: How to learn better and create better learning experiences, listen below.


As educators (trainers/teachers/coaches/facilitators) we all create something magical when it comes to learning; and being able to create the most magical learning experiences is a skill that can be practiced in many different ways.


In each podcast episode, Oskar talks to experts in different areas related to learning that can help you understand the science and practice behind learning better. Some of the top podcasts to date have explored the topics of public speaking, the philosophy behind different learning methodologies, creating a happier working environment, and much more.


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