tsf communityIntroducing: e-TRAMsAdvanced Training for Trainers

Would you like to deliver an e-TRAM? Click

Would you like to deliver an e-TRAM?

What are e-TRAMs?

Online Trainers’ Meetings (TRAMs) are delivered by TsF Community members for TsF Community members. These are 2-3 hour online sessions hosted on Zoom, focusing on a wide variety of subjects.

What could you learn?

Past TsF e-TRAMs covered topics like gamification, humour in training, evidence based training, live online training, emotional development, personal branding, organisational development, impact assessment, etc… Each e-TRAM is designed with the needs of participants in mind, so the answer is simple:

You can learn whatever you need to learn!

Would you like to attend?

Join Trainers’ Forum Facebook Group to explore upcoming e-TRAMs and catch the deadlines to apply. Currently, all e-TRAMs are free and open to attend while the available spaces tend to fill up quite quickly.

Ready to share your insights?

e-TRAMs are an amazing opportunity to test new session topics, increase your visibility, and contribute to the common good. If you would like to offer one, drop a message in our Facebook Group and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.