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How to get involved?

Trainers’ Forum is an aspiring for-purpose enterprise. Everything we do comes from the self-organising interest of TsF Partners and active members of the broader community.

If you feel your personal purpose overlaps with the purpose of TsF (and are willing to contribute to existing initiatives or launch new ones), by all means reach out through the link below and we’ll find a role for you to energise!

If you want to meet us live, make sure not to miss the upcoming TsF Conference!

Open roles in TsF

The operations of TsF are based on the current version of Holacracy. Exploring and shaping the future of education is a full time undertaking, so we’re always looking for new people to help out!

Feel free to explore the current structure of TsF, and let us know if anything draws your interest.

We’re especially looking for reinforcements in developing the following aspects of TsF:

TsF Member

No matter your availability and experience, we’ll do our best to help you find and/or create a role in TsF from which you can contribute and gain the most!

Public Relations

Making sure the TsF Community is aware of what we’re up to (taking care of social media, promotion campaigns, newsletters, media productions…)


Keeping an overview of all current TsF events and launching new ones (establishing support systems for organisational committees, coordinating schedules…)


Supporting the operation and development of existing services, while exploring new ways TsF could provide value (team support, project management…)


Ensuring the financial sustainability of TsF through sponsorship, grant or other funding opportunities (fundraising, budgeting, compensation…)

Information Technology

Reinforcing our IT team to help set up a backstage TsF community section on our website (BuddyPress), designing and application design for new forms of virtual learning and collaboration spaces, etc…

Curious what’s on the other side?

Click here to schedule a live introductory meeting and take your first step into the TsF Ecosystem 😉