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Trainers’ Forum is a movement for trainers by trainers. Now you have an opportunity to join the group of people shaping its growth. There is plenty of positions to choose from!

TsF has grown into an entire ecosystem full of existing and potential opportunities. We are always on the look-out for people to join us as Partners in developing the organisation to it’s full potential.

Check Open Roles!

Currently, we’re looking for Partners that would be willing to play a more active, leadership role in developing different aspects of TsF. You can explore the current structure of TsF, using the button below and clicking on whatever circle you find interesting, to read more about it’s purpose.

You can also take a look at the major Roles to be filled below

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Promotion Lead

Responsible for external visibility of Trainers’ Forum and its initiatives. Leads the team working on developing TsF marketing channels.

Finances Lead

Leading the department developing financial capacity of Trainers’ Forum, establishing corporate relations and submitting grant applications.

TsF Services Lead

Responsible for support coordination and development of Trainers’ Forum services towards the community.

Legal Aspects Lead

Responsible for finding solutions to all the legal aspects of Trainers’ Forum development and functioning.

New Projects

Kicking off new project inside TsF Community based on your idea, or using the ideas collected within incubation circle, like Podcast, Blog, Local TsF Hubs, Training Materials Library

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