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Trainers’ Forum is a vibrant, international and interdisciplinary community of educators, trainers, facilitators, HR specialists and most of all passionate learners from all around Europe (and beyond).

Purpose of TsF is to gather an international community around advanced learning, networking, and collaboration opportunities.

TsF Hubs. Local communities, internationally connected, knowledge-powered.

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It’s with this spirit that Trainers’ Forum kicked-off the TsF Hubs project: 

Like-minded people living in the same city/area + gathering as a local community aimed at creating impact + empowered by knowledge and the TsF network. 

There are already some sparkling local groups in LjubljanaBarcelonaFrankfurtMadridBucharestBerlin… working both individually on a local level and together on a trans-national level.

Intrigued by the idea? Are you willing to bring a hub to your city or to join an existing one? 

Write at hub at