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TsF Hubs are invitations for TsF Members to connect with their local communities, to map and better understand both the knowledge sources within the community (i.e. what topics, capacities, skills, or subjects is there expertise about), as well as the learning needs (i.e. what challenges, questions, opportunities the community is facing, that specific forms of knowledge could help).

The synergy between a physical and rooted presence in local communities and the international network of educators Trainers’ Forum is gathered around, is what generates the main sources of value that TsF Hubs make available.

Please reach out to us at hubs at trainersforum dot org, and we’ll help you with everything you need to gather a local TsF Hub.

Additionally, you’re welcome to become a TsF Member, so you can make use of all of the potentials and benefits an international network of educators affords.

Where do TsF Hubs already exist?

There are many sprouting cases of TsF Hubs across Europe, each in a different phase of its development. You can scroll through the map below to find locations, where there is at least a TsF Member, who started the process of establishing a local hub.

The most notable examples are in Barcelona, Ljubljana, FrankfurtMadrid, Berlin