Future of Training HackathonYou didn't have better plans for the weekend anyways, right?

Introducing: The Future of Training Hackathon

A space for materializing the purpose of Trainers’ Forum


Below you will find some more information
about the different aspects of the Future of Training Hackathon.
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What is the idea behind it?

The event will serve three purposes: 

• A space for Trainers’ Forum Partners (active members of TsF) to speed up the development of the current projects and working methods. 

• A space for Trainers’ Forum Community Members to voice out their needs and design ways how TsF could serve them. 

• A space for fun, creativity, and connection between trainers no matter the roles we are playing.

How it will be organised?

It will be 4 parallel Google Meet rooms with schedule and collaborative note-taking on a Miro board. Apart from parallel working sessions, we will also have some fun time together and space to chill whenever taking a break. There is no need to attend the entire event, you can only join sessions that you find relevant for you, by simply clicking the button below the schedule at a specific time. Each session focuses on the major goal:

What concrete actions should happen in Trainers’ Forum within the given topic by the end of 2020, so it could serve its community best? 

Why it is called a hackathon?

We know it might be a bit of a stretch to use this term, as it is somewhat more like an Open Space Technology session. However, we wanted to stress out the actionable outcomes of each session, eventually bringing them to reality, which is not always a case during OST sessions :))


Below you can find the programme of the event on the whiteboard that we will use during the weekend. You have received an access to edit it on the email. There are three parallel blocks: one for matters that are mostly related to how Trainers’ Forum functions as an organisation, one more general that should be of interest to any trainer and one spontaneous, that will be there to cover random topics that will appear over the time of the event. 


Note that all the common sessions will be happening in the Lobby 🙂