Introducing: Madrid Training Festival

European Capital of Training and Development

High quality training

Every training session included in Madrid Training Festival programme is evaluated by our quality specialists to make sure you will get the expected learning outcomes in the time of the training.

Wide audience

No matter if you are a manager, freelancer, family person or a student. A diverse programme of Madrid Training Festival should have a session that will be interesting for you. You can also go through our needs assessment to make sure we will arrange a training you need!

We value your time

Different training conferences usually require participants to attend most of the schedule. We value your time, therefore you can register only to the sessions you will find interesting!

Affordable education

We believe in affordable education, therefore we aim for Madrid Training Festival to be the cheapest possible for participants. This will be possible thanks to the support of Partners, who also believe the education should be accessible.


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What is a Training Festival?

Training Festival is an international event with an aim to promote nonformal education and increase availability of training to the general public. Participants can choose from various sessions of their interest to grow their knowledge, skills, in the fields like interpersonal skills, management, learning, teaching, emotional intelligence, time management, marketing, managing finances etc. 

Who is it for?

We target various audiences, from managers to team workers, general development enthusiasts and students. Training sessions at Madrid Training Festival are labeled with target audience and will be designed after asking participants on their personal needs. We can claim with 100% certainty that Madrid Training Festival is a right event for you!

Information for Partners

If you would like to contribute to the creation of European Capital of Training and Development, please contact us via The list of possibilities to collaborate is endlesss.

Information for Trainers

If you would like to deliver a training session at Madrid Training Festival, please fill in the form and our training responsible will get in touch with you for details!


The programme of Madrid Training Festival is being formed for you right now! Please share your expectations with us, so we will make sure it will be exactly what you need! Simply write a short description on what you would like to learn, what kind of problems to solve better/faster and we will make sure such session appears in our programme.


The programme of Madrid Training Festival is currently being crafted. Below you can scroll through the growing list of training sessions that we will propose for your consideration when the registration starts on 23.03.

Click on the session that is interesting to you to stop automatic scrolling and read its description 🙂

Navigating the professional world

The first track is about professional, career-related skills, like teamwork, leadership, efficient communication, entrepreneurship, innovation, sales, marketing or even nailing a recruitment process. Everything that could get you to the next level of your professional development.

Training & Facilitation

This track is inspired by other type of event – a Trainers’ Meeting, that aims to give local and international trainers, facilitators, teachers and generally – people passionate about education – a chance to exchange ideas, learn from each other, train people better.


Your potential, your emotions, your time management, your decisions, your thinking style, your ways of managing stress, your talents, your personality, your habits, your procrastination, your learning, your self-leadership. It is about everything that lays within your control, that could help you lead yourself towards what you dream of

Life Balance

Starting from finances, through diet, mental health, relationships, life purpose, mindfulness, up to the way we sleep, this track will tackle different skills that could help you to find inner peace. and proper balance between important parts of your life. 

Registration will start on 23.03!

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The venue

We are really happy to Partner with La Nave, which is providing us with their amazing space to be used during the event. La Nave is a meeting point for citizens, companies and a whole vibrant network of innovative professionals who seek to accelerate their ideas and projects to transform the city of Madrid. Check out their website to know how they can help you bring your ideas to reality!

European Capital of Training Partners

We are currently contacting several institutions that will support us in bringing this event to you.

Join us to make this event even more impactful

Do you like the idea of Madrid Training Festival? Would you like to become an official business partner, a volunteer or maybe organise the event in your city? Write us a message and we will get back to you immediately.

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