Introducing: Trainers’ Meetings

Learn the exact skills that you need to bring your trainining career to the next level!

Make a next step!

Take a moment to reflect about your trainer path and the next big step for you. Write us about it and we will do our best to make sure upcoming TRAMs will bring you there!

Wide audience

If you are an experienced trainer that have some quality skills to share, TRAMs can be your opportunity to get international recognition. The better you are – the more you earn!

Business aside!

TRAMs are your gateway to international network of like-minded trainers, that value quality in every aspect of their work. Join our Community of Practice to boost your growth!

Quality first!

Trainers’ Meetings are a new form of educational possibilities for experienced trainers, that put quality at its highest priority. It is a foundation for all the processes in this project.


Below you will find some more information
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Trainers Meetings 101

Trainers’ Meetings (TRAMs) are locally established events with a major purpose to provide opportunities for advanced development for trainers, facilitators and professional educators across Europe. TRAMS are designed in form of a training marketplace, where participants decide which sessions would they like to attend and thus – how the final schedule will look like. We took this gamified approach a bit further, introducing the profit distribution among trainers based not only on the interest they gathered, but also on how did they deliver their promise of a quality workshop.

TRAMs are neither nonprofit nor for-profit. They are for-purpose and those, who contribute to the purpose the most get the highest value back from it.

Invitation to co-create

Each of the Trainers’ Meetings is co-created by its participants, trainers, hosts. Everyone that will help the event to happen, will get a share of the value we create together in both: knowledge and finances. There are several things you can do to bring event closer to reality and thus get a possibility to attend the event with lower costs, or earn on it:

• Deliver a session •

• Initiate contact with potential sponsor•

• Initiate contact with media partner •

• Initiate contact with a training rooms partner •

• Host an international trainer •

• Share the event in your network •

Let us know if you would like to help us make another Trainers’ Meeting!

Information for Hosts

Training rooms, next to marketing are one of the biggest expenses in Trainers’ Meetings budget, which may be unnecessary. Therefore we are open for collaboration with a partner that would be willing to share their conference rooms for the purpose of organising TRAM sessions there. In exchange we can promote your brand as TRAM Partner and offer free workshop entrance to your employees. If this sounds appealing, we are looking forward to get a line from you: corporate(at)trainersforum.orgH

Information for Sponsors

If you would like to spread the message about your products, services, career opportunities or events in evergrowing network of Trainers’ Forum – supporting one of TRAMs is your easiest way in. From sponsored posts, through dedicated webinars, workshops, or by spreading the message among participants, we have a variety of channels to make sure those, that could be interested, wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

We are open for different sorts of cooperation! Write us an email so we could investigate the possibilities together: corporate(at)

What is your current intention?

Develop skills

Wether you’re building a career as an internal trainer, or a freelancer,
there is always something you could learn from other trainers.
Take a minute to reflect and let us know
what can TRAM offer to you!

Share experience

What is the thing that you are mostly experienced in?
How can it help other trainers get better?
You can check it out by proposing
a workshop for upcoming TRAM!

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Upcoming TRAMs

Amsterdam (02-03.11)

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Vilnius (28.11-01.12)

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We are building the programme currently

Warsaw (12-15.12)

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We are building the programme currently

Madrid (30.01-02.02)

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We are building the programme currently