Trainers’ Meeting Vilnius

Spend a quality time with other trainers, share passion, knowledge, tools and create some magic together!



Register before the deadline to join Trainers’ Meeting Vilnius. Simple as that!

Needs Assessment

After the registration, around a month before the event we will create a discussion group to share our needs and intentions towards the event.


Based on the needs we will create a schedule that will be tapping into all the individual needs of the participants and kick off the preparations.

The event

Finally we will meet in Vilnius to enjoy the event, time together and the training as a lifestyle!

The venue


Register today!

We are waiting for your applications until 03.11.2019

Day Ticket
  • If you won’t be using provided accommodation, but would still like to join us for some sessions, buy this ticket to split the costs of training materials.
Day&Night Ticket
  • If you would like to sleep in the venue, buy as many tickets of this kind, as the amount of nights you will need an accommodation for.
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