TsF Conference 201911-14 April 2019, Pitesti, Romania


WHEN: 11th – 14th of April, 2019
WHERE: Pitesti, Romania
FEE: 60 euros (including accommodation for 3 nights & 3 meals per full day)
DL: 3rd of February, 23:59 CET

Trainer’s Forum is the biggest non-profit event for trainers in Europe. The idea is simple: Meet, network, learn, exchange knowledge and combine it during facilitated processes to reach the quality of training never seen before. If you’d like to enrich your toolkit, meet like-minded people from Europe and beyond and grow as a trainer – Trainers’ Forum is the perfect occasion to do so!


TsF is a co-created event where every participant is offered an opportunity to deliver or facilitate a session. We are all there to share our knowledge and experience and learn from each other! Even if you think you don’t have enough experience to deliver to other trainers, you can contribute with facilitating a sharing session or discussion group. Of course, when you’re not in charge of a session – you’re there as a participant in others’ sessions! There is a great variety of topics to choose from that you will definitely find something that fits your interests and needs, as well as, blocks in the schedule for social activities and networking.


Trainers of all levels of experience are invited to apply for the event – everyone will find something new to learn with expertise and perspective to share. If you are a trainer that feels identified with this mission to grow and share in such an environment– hop on!

See you all in Romania for another TsF that will shape the future of training!

The event is being organized by the TsF 2019 Core Team & the Icebreaker Community.