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Join the special edition of the TsF Conference: EmpowerED – an international event, dedicated to empowering educators and providing impactful learning experiences!

📍 Where: Lithuania, Vilnius, Vila Nora
⌛️ When: August 31st to September 3rd, 2023
💸 Early Bird Fee: 145 EUR (Sold out)
💶 Regular Fee: 170 EUR (Sold out)
💎 Late Bird Fee: 185 EUR

EmpowerED brings together educators and learning enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices. It’s a co-created event where participants actively contribute to shaping the program.

If you’re involved with learning, education, training, facilitation, hosting, or working with people in any way (or would like to get involved), this is the event for you! It’s a space to “talk shop” with practitioners, try out novel and experimental approaches, refresh your overview of the current state of the art, craft, and science of education, and connect with partners for future collaboration projects and ventures.

Invest in your development and networking, by immersing yourself in a learning experience hosted by an international community of educators. Gain practical insights about challenges you are facing or anticipating, and challenge established points of view to expand your horizons, all while making a positive impact on your local and international communities by disseminating insights when you return.

One of the best aspects of the event is that while the framework and structure of the event is set, the actual content of the program (sessions and other learning experiences) is something open for everyone participating to contribute to!

We take care of the opening, closing, meals, coffee breaks, and social programs, while the participating group as a whole fills up the schedule based on insights from a pre-event needs analysis (with support from our side, so we get there in time).

The fee covers accommodation, 3 meals per day and access to all training sessions, networking events, and social programs. We will ask you to pay the fee after the selection results are announced.

We will naturally do our best to accommodate your food preferences & allergies, and organise a convenient way to get to / from the venue. No pets are allowed, as we want to be mindful about people with unfortunate allergies to some of our (furry) friends.

Fill in the application (embedded below)!

If you’re feeling generous and / or know other (aspiring, intermediate or professional) educators, please extend this invitation to friends and colleagues that you think would enjoy and benefit from the experience!

You can do so by sharing some of our posts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, or pointing them straight to our FB event or LinkedIn event. Here’s a PDF invitation if you’d like to pass that on via email or personal messages.

You can also reach us directly at conference[at]!